2 novembre 2013

The Jazztronomes

The 2013 concert started with the Jazztronomes, a new group on the Chéserex stage. The band, recently founded at the Cully jazz festival, is playing in the New Orleans traditional style without a pianist in the rythm section. Although it's a new band, the musicians are all experienced ones, playing in several bands in the Geneva lake region. They offered a very professional performance which was appreciated by the audience.

The Cosa Nostra Jazz Band, the second group in the evening, has progressed even more since its first appearance in Chéserex in 2010. The arrangements have become more elaborated and the band has achieved a high quality.

Cosa Nostra
Raymond Graisier

The guest of the evening was the vibraphonist Raymond Graisier: hearing a vibraphone was a première for Chéserex ! And who better than Raymond Graisier could have introduced this instrument among the traditional jazz.
The concert concluded with an unforgettable show from Raymond Graisier at the washboard.

The 2013 edition was a fine appetizer before the next one : the 40th anniversary of the Traditional Jazz in Chéserex !