2010 Festival

Cosa Nostra Jazzband

Having started with the Montreux Big Band, the Cotton Club Jazz Orchestra, the New Orleans Jazz Babies, the Savannah Jazz Band and other groups, these young musicians from the Riviera vaudoise decided in 2003 to found the Cosa Nostra Jazz Band in order to carry on the traditional New Orleans jazz.
Do not worry : the Cosa Nostra has nothing to do with the Mafia ! Rather they defend our cause : Traditional Jazz ! Hearing their music one can also detect some ties to the 30s-40s, the time of the prohibition and its particular style of music.
The band booked a fantastic success on the 14th of July 2009 where it ranked nr.1 at the Jazz Contest of Megève in France.

Bonnie Jeanne Taylor, born in Miami(Florida), has been living in Switzerland since 1982. Already as a young child she loved music. While studying at the university in Texas, she started her singing career performing with various groups.
Whether it’s swinging or soft and smooth, Bonnie Jeanne is a full-blooded entertainer who lives her music with her audience and her musicians. With her warm, expressive voice and enthusiastic, energetic performance, she is „at home“ in any event, large or small.
Lovely looking, Bonnie Jeanne makes every show, performing with her Gala/Party Formations, Country/Country Rock Bands or Jazz/Latin Combos, an unforgettable experience.

Bonnie Jeanne Taylor

Jacky Milliet Jazz Band

Jacky Milliet and his musicians have been living an exceptional adventure during the last twenty years allowing them to build a reputation on European level. The band had the opportunity to be on tour and to record well over ten LPs with prestigious musicians such as ALBERT NICHOLAS, MEZZ MEZZROW, BENNY WATERS, CARRIE SMITH, CLAUDE LUTER, BARNEY BIGARS.
The French writer Frédéric Dard describes the band as one where each individuality is a virtuoso. Rarely does a jazz band in Europe demonstrate such fervour and simultaneously.