2009 Festival

Swiss Dixie Stompers

March 31st 1954 is an historical date …at least for the members of the original Swiss Dixie Stompers, who performed their first concert at the Bienne-Madretsch school.
At that time each musician had a model, a black american soloist of course. The concert was a success and nobody could imagine that the event would lead this band to Chéserex some 50 years later, and with the same band leader : André Racine.

Singing is her way of personal expression. Consequently, Bernita Bush is just as at home with Jazz as she is with Gospel. She wants to help keep the vocal jazz tradition alive. Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughan, Dianne Reeves, Rachel Farrell and Sandy Patton are her most admired singers, but finding her own style is Bernita's main goal.

Bernita Bush
Marc Laferrière Quintet

2009 marks the 50th anniversary of Sidney Béchet’s death. How could we honour him better than to ask Marc Laferriere, an artist who can reproduce more than other artists the style, the soul, the musical inflexions of this great jazzman.
The Marc Laferriere Quintet portrays authentic and true jazz. One might say : music for gourmet and greedy listeners !