2006 Festival

Thomi's Dixieland Music

Once again the community hall in Chéserex was crownded with around 500 enthousiastic jazz fans.
To start with, we had a group of « regulars » at the Chéserex Festival - Thomi’s Dixieland Music, who played for us in 1981; this time they were accompanied by Irakli de Davrichewy, the famous trumpet player who entranced us in 2000.

The second part of the evening was a nostalgic return to the Fifties, with the group Sidney Béchet Memory.

And this year there was a completely new element – tap dancing by Laurent Bortolotti, a Swiss dancer who has studied in the USA. Laurent accompanied several selected numbers in true “Fred Astaire” style!

Sidney Béchet Memory and Laurent Bortolotti