2004 Festival

The band The 30's Buddies had the difficult task of warming up the audience and this they did extremely well. The spontaneous applause which greeted their opening notes bore witness to the high quality of the musicians in this band, and their first appearance in Chéserex was a resounding success. We hope to welcome them again...

The next group was headed by Jacky Milliet who needs no introduction, having performed in Chéserex on several occasions. This year he was accompanied by his Parisian band from the "Caveau de la Huchette", whose pianist, Philippe Dervieux made a particularly big impression. The professionalism and excellent sound quality of this band were highly appreciated by the public.

During the third part of the evening, we were entertained by Papa Bue's Viking Jazz Band from Denmark. The group was founded in 1956 by the trombonist Arne Jenssen but the other members of the group, particularly the trumpeter, Joe Errington and the clarinettist, Erik Andersen, have now taken over the lead roles. Despite the fact that the band was not on top form, having had a full programme involving a great deal of travelling, they were nevertheless loudly acclaimed by the audience.

The evening closed in a festive atmosphere with a jam session performed by the main musicians from the three bands.

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